METS Gazette Quarter 3 Issue 47, July 2015

Those of you who are familiar with our mineral processing services may have noticed the transition from a METS to a Midas Group Gazette. If you have not seen our Gazette before, I warmly welcome you to our quarterly newsletter full of industry news, engineering insights and company updates.

It has been another eventful quarter for the group, with the acquisition of Sanderson Consultants, a leading provider of engineering and management consulting services across the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, communication and fire fields. With Sanderson Consultants being based in Melbourne, we now have presence in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. We are yet another step closer to our vision of growing and expanding to be a diversified solution provider across all sectors.

In this edition of the Gazette, we take a look at applications of innovations engineering in consultancies, how to ensure project outcomes are achieved by employing professional Project Managers, and a new trend in training that sees a move away from standardised courses, along with other interesting topics.

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