2012 – COM 2012, Niagara Falls Canada


Beneficiation of low grade ores is the process of increasing the grade of a mineral through unit
operations that remove and separate the waste (or gangue) material from the valuable mineral that can then
be used for further processing or direct use. Important factors when deciding upon a beneficiation program
are the feed grade, mass yield and the metal recovery. As lower grade ores are being processed
beneficiation is a critical process. How predictive is laboratory test work for “as built” operating projects?

Beneficiation includes all or some of the available unit operations to produce a beneficiation flow
sheet i.e. associated unit operations including but not limited to optical sorting, radiometric sorting,
crushing and screening, coarse cobbing, jigging, dense media separation (DMS), spirals, magnetic
separation, flotation, thickening, filtering and drying. Reference to specific projects and the approach
developed in formulating a beneficiation flow sheet and a comparison of difficult and simple beneficiation
flow sheets are cited.

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