2010 – AusIMM Gravity Gold Conference, Ballarat Vic


Gold rooms represent a high security area and preventing theft is a challenging task. Where gravity
concentrates or high value unit intermediate products are present, particular and specific security
procedures must be put in place. This paper describes the development and implementation which
reflects best practice in gold room security. Procedures involving key holder systems, key locks,
swipe cards and double locks preventing any one person having access to the gold room, including
specific procedures for gravity gold concentrators, will be addressed. The use of monitoring and
how to deal with alarms and potential hold ups will be reviewed. The use of cameras and archival
DVD recorders is common in gold rooms.
The use of electronic surveillance, movement detectors, seismic monitors and the two person
policy and gold room entry procedures are described, including how to deal with visitors. The
importance of confidentiality regarding smelting and gold pick-up days, plus strategies employed
to minimise storing large quantities of gold on site will be presented.
The role of metallurgical accounting in providing quality auditable information and the minimum
standards of record keeping required is discussed. The role of the Gold Squad will be outlined.
Regular auditing and risk analysis and several case studies are cited where security was deficient
or improved.

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