2013 – AusIMM Iron Ore 2013, Perth, WA


There is now a new generation of mobile crushing and screening plant systems available which have been developed
based on the motivation of reducing truck haulage. Newly designed mobile crushing and screening plant systems have
the advantages of mobility, flexibility, economy and reliable performance, making this system very appealing for small
to medium sized projects or projects where a number of resources are separated by distance.
A brief review of the past history and experience with transportable crushing plants provides an insight into some of the
issues with transportable plants in mineral processing. A closer look at a simple model based on exploiting small but
high grade ore bodies suggests the concept has merit, however there are many more engineering, logistics, legal,
technical and management aspects which have limited the application of such a concept in the resource sector. This
paper explores the concept in detail and endeavours to analyse the preferred commodities and scenarios under which the
concept could be used and the economic and logistical limitations for iron ore. The paper also looks at the risk
assessment criteria to be applied in selecting the type of resource projects where the model could be applied
successfully. Other aspects considered in this paper are the project planning requirements, technical and economic
feasibility, bankability, and operability. Reference is made to the operating experience of contractors at a number of
sites and feedback from the resource companies as managers of the projects.

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