2008 – Australian Uranium Conference, Perth WA


The most striking feature of uranium process metallurgy is the diverse range of minerals present.
Creates considerable challenges for metallurgists and process engineers
Uranium exists as vein ores, in sandstone, pegmatite’s, shales, lignite, gold and copper ores
Mineral composition dictates how the ore will process; the nature of the host rock and gangue
minerals can make extraction more difficult
Increasing demand in uranium, especially from China and India
Current Uranium projects: (In production stages)

  • The Beverly projects (Australia)
  • The Langer Heinrich project (Namibia)

and numbers of projects in the basic engineering and feasibility study phases
Conventional flowsheet for Uranium processing
Diversity in Uranium deposits in

  • Mineralogy
  • Grade
  • Inherent cost structure of the projects, and
  • Location, which is mostly in remote locations

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