Ad Duwayhi Gold Project

Ad Duwayhi Gold Project | Feasibility Study

METS was involved in the development of the Ad Duwayhi gold project feasibility study, including metallurgical testwork, flowsheet development and plant layout drawings for this Saudi Arabian gold project.

During the review of the previous testwork METS completed a gap analysis to determine the testwork required for the feasibility study. This testwork was completed in parallel to the required project work so as to not impact the timeline of the project.

METS designed a process flowsheet, as determined by the metallurgy of the ore and the required throughput of the plant. Subsequently, we completed a mass balance for the process, which was used for engineering design and equipment selection. Once complete, the capital and operating costs for the plant were developed.

To determine the delivery of key items including power, water and road access, an infrastructure study was completed. The Ad Duwayhi project was sensitive to these infrastructure items due to the isolation of the proposed location.

The costs of infrastructure, plant operating and capital were used to determine the project economics and viability.