Carosue Dam Gold Project

Carosue Dam Gold Project | Plant Operating Practice Review

METS were engaged to undertake a plant operating practice review of the Carosue Dam Gold Project. This involved travelling to site and liaising with site personnel to review metallurgical and operating practices within the processing and metallurgy department.

Auditing was used to independently identify problems and the systems causing them. The ultimate purpose was to provide management with factual information about the plant, based on benchmarking with what the auditor believes is ‘the industry standard’ in each area. To improve the operation, METS set up a corrective continuous improvement plan with accountability and commitment of resources.

The review conducted was a peer review by a competent person of operating practices, safety and management culture. The whole focus on improvement is based on the belief that no plant has ever achieved perfection, and any improvement should result in improved safety and environment, maximising production and minimising the associated cost. METS applied a comprehensive list of elements to audit and review the current operating practice and procedures.