Casposo Project

Casposo Project | Engineering Design and Commissioning

METS was involved in the development of the project, from the drill core samples to establishing the design parameters and flowsheets, through to the detailed design, commissioning and optimisation of the plant.

METS catalogued and defined capacities of all used equipment. A plant flowsheet was designed and fitted to the used equipment where cost effectiveness was not impaired.
Such equipment included the plant in New South Wales. METS successfully managed its relocation to Argentina by preparing a tender of the relocation, refurbishment and re-construction work contract. Several companies were identified and asked to demonstrate their capability to undertake the required works. Subsequently, we issued a tender document to the shortlist of pre-qualified service providers. METS was available to answer any questions relating to the plant, scope of works, and project objectives. After all bids were submitted, an in-depth analysis of each tender submission was undertaken, and a series of recommendations were reported back to Troy Resources.

The successful bidder worked under METS’ supervision on the ground in Australia to deconstruct, label and load all the parts of the plant onto trucks to be hauled by road to the port of Sydney. The engineering design was completed with extensive client communication, despite their location in Argentina.