Heap Leaching Gold Operation

Heap Leaching Gold Operation | Gold in Process Determination

METS role included the calculation of gold present in the leaching heaps. We applied the material balance philosophy based on operational data including gold in feed, gold in residue and gold in process. This required a site visit to be conducted for observation of the process and for data gathering. Data gathered went back to the commencement of the project in June 1997 to the current data and included tonnages, ore grades and gold shipment and outturn results. Utilising the material balance philosophy the gold in process was calculated on a month by month basis from project commencement. The report was submitted to the project sponsors and since then METS has been invited back to the site on an annual basis to carry out the project audit and gold in process determination calculations.

This process has been ongoing now for a number of years and METS’ input has been used in the project annual audit undertaken by the independent auditors of the project.