Karouni Gold Project

Karouni Gold Project | Metallurgical Testwork

This project required METS to review the testwork previously conducted as well as the availability of drill cores for a further testwork program. Using this review, we designed a testplan to determine design parameters for the Karouni Gold Project plant.

To maintain the project timeline, the testwork program schedule was discussed and reviewed with the laboratory to maximise the efficiency of the testwork program and results delivery. Combined with lessons learnt from the review of the historical testwork, a testwork program that delivered the required information in the shortest possible timeframe was produced.

To ensure sample representivity was achieved and allowing for changes across the ore body, the samples were selected in liaison with the site geologist. This enabled a range of samples to be selected that covered the various zones identified within the ore body. Additionally, composite samples were made up following initial testing to evaluate changes at various depths and grades across the ore body. This enabled the ore body to be thoroughly tested.

The program was characterised and implemented with hold-points. This allowed for reactive changes to the testworks as required and for any additional investigations to be made without having to repeat testwork. The design was therefore more encompassing and the program more efficient.