Karouni Gold Project

Karouni Gold Project | Engineering Design – Comminution Simulation

This project required METS to investigate the appropriateness of second hand milling equipment for the Karouni Gold Project. The investigation looked at multiple throughput scenarios and provided a breakdown of cost-related requirements relating to each processing arrangement. The simulation process allowed for an informed decision to be made by the client.

The optimal process flowsheet required METS to investigate the suitability of second-hand equipment by looking at the power consumption (OPEX) and the number of unit operations that would be required (CAPEX) in order to satisfy the required particle size design requirement (P80). Material property data for the Smarts and Hicks deposits were obtained from a metallurgical laboratory and the most difficult materials to process were used to develop the basis of design. This was done in order to ensure that all operating conditions could be catered for by the proposed comminution circuit.

Each throughput scenario was simulated using Metso’s Bruno crushing software and JKSimMet grinding software. Following this, the required equipment, achievable particle size, throughput and power consumption rates were tabulated. Based upon the results, a recommendation was provided by METS as to what was believed to be the best avenue to pursue. This allowed for a well-informed, cost-based decision to be made by the client and also provided a preliminary step-wise plan for increasing the plant throughput in the future.