Mina Sertão

Mina Sertão | Engineering Design Commissioning

This project required METS to engage in the concept of minimal engineering, i.e. project management of a group of sub-consultants to execute the project did result in substantial savings in time and money. This involved due diligence, metallurgical and engineering design, project management and reconstruction.

The contracting strategy used by Troy Resources NL was unusual in that they managed the sub-contractors and consultants themselves including the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.

The plant had some novel aspects including very high gold loadings, a DETOX circuit, and tailings filtration because a conventional tailings dam was not practical. The DETOX circuit was very well received, being a first for Brazil. Lessons were learnt and the project has been both profitable and successful for Troy Resources NL. In addition, the project has created jobs, delivered royalties and brought new skills into an area which previously had little mining activity.

The project impact has been very positive for Troy Resources NL and the local community. Exploration in the region has discovered new resources and the operations future may continue beyond the present resources.