Roy Hill Iron Ore Project

Roy Hill Iron Ore Project | Engineering Design Verification

This project required METS to review the existing design for the Roy Hill project. This review would identify issues with equipment arrangement and sizing that would prevent the required production rate of 55 Mtpa of iron ore concentrate. The review and recommendations covered the design of the beneficiation plant, rail transport and the port/ship loading facilities.

The project was broken down into several stages. The initial stage was to review the deliverables provided from the final study to ensure that the findings and delivered documents were correct. The testwork results were also analysed to ensure all required information for the design had been tested appropriately and that the study included the required level of variability.

Once verified, and any queries clarified, the next stage involved using the information from these deliverables in order to analyse the selected equipment and process for suitability for the application. Some equipment was identified as requiring upgrading to ensure plant throughput would be met, and modifications to the process flow were recommended to enable a higher plant uptime, with sufficient surge capacity and interlinking to allow for downtime throughout the plant.

The reports written and advice provided ensured that the final POSCO design was excellent and well-considered, giving the company the comfort of knowing that the plant design would be well-regarded.