Toka Tindung Gold Project

Toka Tindung Gold Project | Bankable Feasibility Study and Process Design

METS was involved in the creation of a financial model, metallurgical testwork, sourcing and preparation for dismantling, transportation, re-assembly of a second-hand plant and planning for the construction of a power station at the project. Our key initiatives also included the carbon stripping circuit, cyanide destruction circuit and tailings options review, covering a sub-sea pipeline.

METS scoured the world to source and evaluate suitable second hand CIP plant options. After successfully securing the El Tambo Plant in Chile, the next challenge was to manage the relocation to Indonesia. We set about the preparation of a tender for the relocation, refurbishment and re-construction work contract. Several companies were identified by METS and asked to demonstrate their capability to undertake the required work. Subsequently, we issued a tender document to the shortlist of pre-qualified service providers. After all bids were submitted, we undertook an in depth analysis of each tender submission and reported back a series of recommendations to Archipelago. The successful bidder worked under METS’ supervision on the ground in Chile to deconstruct, label and load all the parts of the plant onto trucks to be hauled by road to the port of Coquimbo. The plant made its way through the Andes mountains’ winding roads and to the temperate seaside yard for cataloguing at La Serena.

METS personnel then oversaw the refurbishment of each component at a dedicated industrial yard near the port. We advised on the correct package and storage of critical parts and routine maintenance for key components such that successful reassembly in Indonesia would be possible after the long shipment by sea. This construction project management work involved the establishment of a temporary METS regional project office manned by Perth based experienced METS metallurgical personnel assisted by locally employed translators and clerical support staff.